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Our Approach

We plan every trip as if we were planning it for ourselves and our family. We take into consideration every important detail to ensure a fun and safe trip

Our Story

We have been wheeling and camping together for most of our adult life. Because of our knowledge, skills and abilities we found ourselves being asked to put together and lead trips for industry professionals. After several years of doing that and being told we should do this for the general public we felt it was time to start up GOAT.

Meet the Team

Our team ranges vastly in life experiences but what we all have in common is our love for the outdoors, wheeling and exploring.

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Cris Mateski

Lead Trail Guide

American Adventurist Staff, Adventurist Life author, Family off the Map Blogger, over 20 years experience off-roading and US Forestry volunteer work.

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Brett Cifaldi

Lead Trail Guide

American Adventurist Staff, Adventurist Life author, 20 years experience off-road driving, has spent most of his life traveling the world to include Europe, China, Australia and New Zealand. US Armed Forces Veteran.

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Timothy Barrett

Trail Guide

Timothy helps where he can.

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