We strive to offer a tailored trip to fit your needs, vehicle capabilities and destinations desired.



Longevity of the trip is entirely up to you, our normal trips are anywhere from a weekend to a week long time frame.

Self Sufficient

Use your own vehicle, your own gear and be self sufficient. We are there as your tour guide (and safety net) to new areas.

Goose Taco

Tailored trips

GOATs goal is to guide a trip tailored to your criteria. Based on where you want to go, how long you want to be out and what you desire we structure a trip to meet your request.

Explore new areas

We offer trips in California, Arizona and Utah. These trips offer you a chance to get your feet wet in a new area or safely go somewhere you weren't comfortable going on your own. You will gain confidence in your ability and on how your rig is setup all while experiencing new areas.

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